Our Standards

AyurvedaFirst sets the gold standard for Ayurvedic practice at all levels. Our standards for practice for health prevention and maintenance are rooted in the authentic methods and combine the most effective applications for the current times.

For Individuals

Ready to add a little Ayurveda to your life? Start off in the right way with AyurvedaFirst. Learn the fundamentals to make Ayurveda simple and effective for maintaining health and living your best life.

For Professionals

A career in Ayurveda can be exceptionally rewarding. Working within the AyurvedaFirst model of sustainable healthcare makes it even more effective. Learn the principles, skills and tools to positively impact you, your family and community.

AyurvedaFirst is a Public Benefit Corporation that aims to promote Ayurveda as a first means of preventive health care and disease management. We currently do this through education (at local, national, and international levels) and plan to soon offer professional Ayurvedic health services in areas where it is safe to practice legally. Our services are all based on the AyurvedaFirst model for sustainable healthcare backed by authentic Ayurvedic medical education.

We provide health education for individuals and professionals.  We believe that when individuals are better equipped with the right knowledge, they can provide the most powerful health support they need - self-care.  And to promote the safe and efficacious practice of Ayurvedic Medicine, we train professionals using the most accurate and authentic knowledge of Ayurvedic Medical Science combined with reliable and valid, evidence-based practices.

We are also working towards the future goal of obtaining recognition for Ayurveda as a stand-alone, mainstream health care discipline in the US (rather than a "Complementary or Alternative" modality) through practical demonstration. We are training professionals to be successful in this new, sustainable health care model and be prepared to obtain the highest standard of certification outside of India. To promote the highest level of quality standards, we are developing internationally recognized guidelines for education and practice to improve quality of care and collaboration while providing the most effective, personalized health care services at a fraction of current US costs.

For individuals

We are delighted to offer our first educational program, Total Health Tune-up in 12 weeks with Ayurveda and Functional Medicine.  This program is open to all and designed to walk you through applying the practical knowledge of Ayurveda in your life to be healthier.

This program is a unique collaboration between authentic Ayurveda and Functional Medicine in an easy-to-use, practical format, without complicated terminology. Each participant experiences the benefits of personalized medicine focusing on prevention and balancing minor ailments. Experience the authentic Ayurvedic approach with simple, low-cost (usually free) methods and effective remedies.

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For professionals

Svastha Acharya

We are now enrolling the first batch of students for our one-year Svastha Acharya certification course. This course has been completely designed from the ground up to effectively train students to apply the fundamental core of classical Ayurveda to maintain and promote health. It is based on the corpus of authentic knowledge combined with the latest scientific and evidence-based advances from India's top Ayurvedic medical universities. This course provides the highest quality, professional Ayurvedic education available outside of India and will be the first course of its kind in the world. Although the course contents may appear superficially similar to other certification programs in the West, they will be distinctly superior in their depth, breadth and coverage of the authentic medical science.

Paricharaka II (Panchakarma Technician)

The one-year Panchakarma Technician certification course is now accepting applications for admission to the All-India Institute of Ayurveda in New Delhi. This course is the highest level of professional training for a Panchakarma Technician available in India and prepares graduates to work in a clinical setting under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor to assist on all Panchakarma procedures and their ancillary therapies. The theoretical foundations of Ayurveda are covered to provide a basic knowledge of the application of Panchakarma and hands-on practice requires students to observe and participate in treatments, including medicine preparation.