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What is AyurvedaFirst?

What is AyurvedaFirst?

AyurvedaFirst is a new model of sustainable, holistic healthcare developed from the universal, natural laws of authentic Āyurveda. It is a complete system of personalized health management and promotion, professional-level education, and collaborative practice centered around each individual.

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Authentic Āyurvedic education is here.

The AyurvedaFirst Svastha Āchārya Certified Course is the first authentic, professional-level Āyurvedic course of its kind in the west. Dive deep into the classical Āyurvedic texts, unravel the universal truths of health, and learn the original science, demystified. This rigorous, accelerated course is designed for the self-disciplined, inquisitive, scientific mind who intends to practice successfully both independently and as an integral member of the AyurvedaFirst collaborative model of sustainable healthcare.

Enrollment is now open for the 2017-2018 class.
The application deadline is June 30, 2017.

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Authentic Āyurvedic education is here.

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The AyurvedaFirst Declaration of Health

It's more than just good health for one and all. We declare that each individual has the right to seek out, discover and experience what makes them uniquely healthy and happy in every way possible every day, season, year and decade of their entire life.

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The AyurvedaFirst Declaration of Health

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